Adding features customers want

Even when you think they're wrong

Have you ever been in a situation where you just know you’ve got a great idea to change something, and even though people like the idea, they still want to use the old thing? In that situation, do you get stubborn and keep pushing your new idea as a better solution that people will eventually accept?

We built Wisyl to address a common problem –  people not engaging with the information sent to them.

The number one way Wisyl digs into this problem is by sending information to the place people want it. We’ve seen open rates more than double by asking people where they want their message and sending it there. 

But that’s only half the problem. Once the information gets there, we need people to DO something, or at least LEARN something. We address this problem by encouraging people to send only the most important thing. Wisyl started with only the ‘One Thing’ message creator on purpose. And we just KNEW it was a better way to send important messages. 

Everyone we talked to agreed that sending just one thing was a great way to get people to engage with a message.

And then they asked for the ability to send more than one thing.

So, back to my original question. When you have a great idea that you just KNOW will be better, do you get stubborn, or do you listen to the feedback, listen to the requests, do a little research, and give the customers what they want? 

We listened and recently introduced our ‘Many Things’ message creator. All you have to do is look around at all of the popular inbox newsletters out there (The Hustle, Huddle Up, and Retail Brew, just to name a few) to understand that people appreciate the context, depth, and variety that a newsletter provides. Just like email, newsletters are not going away.

Our ‘Many Things’ newsletter editor is familiar to anyone who has used a WYSIWIG editor. We’ve kept it lite so that you can focus on your message and getting it sent efficiently. 

Where newsletters sent from Wisyl differ from other tools out there is in the delivery. Because Wisyl encourages subscribers to choose the place they get their information, we had to create a way to get the correct type of message to each channel. I mean, nobody wants to read a newsletter length message on their text machine!

To make sure we’re respecting the culture of each channel and the preferences of your subscribers, we’ve made it possible to create a short excerpt from the newsletter and give you the ability to edit your excerpt for each channel. 

So whether you’ve got just one thing you need your subscribers to do or know, or you want to share many things, Wisyl will increase the overall engagement on each message by getting it to your subscribers exactly the way they want it.

We learned through trial, error, and accident that if you want your subscribers to not only read something but DO something or at least KNOW something, the best results come when you focus on One Thing. So we built the ‘One Thing’ message creator to optimize the practice of creating and sending an action-based message to get the best possible results, no matter where your subscribers get their messages.

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