Great relationships start with clear communication

It’s easy to think that the more you stuff into a newsletter the more your customers will learn and ultimately do. But you know in your heart that it’s just not true.  When you want action you tell people, as clearly as possible, what you need them to do and make it easy for them to do it. 

Wisyl promotes action by giving you exactly what you need to create clear, actionable messages. Nothing more, nothing less.

One Thing

Short and sweet. When you have a message with a single call to action or one important bit of info.

Many Things

For newsletters or messages with a bit more to say. Our WYSIWYG editor has everything you need to build it.

Direct Messaging (1 to 1)

When you need to contact a single subscriber, you'll have a direct line to them in the channel they prefer.

Make your message stand out no matter where it's going

To make sure your message is just right, you have the ability to see how it’s going to look wherever it ends up. Different channels sometimes need different words or pictures so with Wisyl you can edit each channel individually if you need to. 

Questions mean they are paying attention

No matter how well you write your message, there’s going to be a few questions from time to time. Wisyl makes it easy for your customers to respond to your messages from the channel they received it in. And to help you answer those questions, we’ll notify you and give you a well-organized dashboard where you can respond quickly and easily.

Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively Have conversations Reach more people

Effective communication doesn’t have to be complicated. When people get messages where and when they want them, they read them.