Getting your message to your customers has never been easier

Communicating with your customers in the way they want to be communicated with used to be really hard. Wisyl makes it easy to create actionable messages that your customers will actually read and gives you the tools you need to see that your messages are getting the attention they deserve.

Better communication through knowledge

The more you know about your customers and how they engage with your communication, the better your communication will become. Wisyl allows your customers to show you what’s important by giving you insight into the most important metric – did they click it, or not.

The only way your customers can read your message is if it gets there

Whether it’s bad contact data, or your customers have changed their information, Wisyl lets you know as soon as there is an issue. If you see that a customer isn’t getting your message, know that we’re there to help you address the issue and get your message read.

Some messages can't wait

We know a message that shows up when your customer wants it is more likely to get read. It’s what Wisyl is built on. We also know that some messages are time-sensitive and need to get your customers right away. To make sure your customers don’t miss important messages, we provide you with the ability to override your customers’ delivery time preferences when you need to. 


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Send the right messages to the right people

With tags you can segment your message to target only the subscribers you want to receive your message.  You can target subscribers that have all the tags you select for your message or if they just need to match one.

Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively Build relationships Have conversations Reach more people

Effective communication doesn’t have to be complicated. When people get messages where and when they want them, they read them.