How do we know where people want their messages?
We ask them

Did you think we were going to get fancy with some sort of machine learning, AI thing? No, the best way to know how people want you to communicate with them is to ask them. Anything else is kinda creepy. Wisyl makes it easy for you to ask, and easy for them to tell you. We’re constantly working to provide integrations with all the channels your customers want to use.

Communication Channels

Wisyl's communication preference page allows your customers to quickly and easily tell you how they want your messages. They can choose any one or more of the channels we've integrated with to get your communication.

Delivery Times

Until now, you sent your messages on your schedule and hoped they got read. With Wisyl, your customers can choose, by channel, what time of day they'd like to get your messages. Or they can get it as soon as you press send. It's up to them.

Preference Updates

If your customers decide they'd rather hear from you on a different communication channel, or at a different time, Wisyl makes it easy for them to switch it up.

Communication is better when you are listening to your customers

Wisyl is all about listening to what your customers want. We start with asking them where, we follow up with when, and we finish with what kind of messages they want from you by giving them a short list of topics they’d like to hear about.

Before you know it, you’ve built a new relationship with your customer. A relationship that leads to your customers actually wanting to read what you send them.

Segmentation is about being respectful of your customers

Wisyl makes it easy to segment your customers into groups that make sense for both you and your customers. You’ve asked your customers a bunch of questions and they’ve shared their preferences with you. Respect that relationship by making sure the right messages get to the right people. 

Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively Build relationships Have conversations Reach more people

Effective communication doesn’t have to be complicated. When people get messages where and when they want them, they read them.