Get your message to the place your subscribers will act on it

Wisyl is the best way to get your content to your subscribers because it’s the only platform that sends it exactly where your audience wants it.
  • Your subscribers choose the channel they want your message in
  • Double digit CTR increase over email alone
  • Save money by using one tool to send through six (and counting) popular communication channels

Pay as you go or save with with a monthly package

Our paid plans include all of our features. You pick the plan that works for you. You won’t even need to talk to finance. 😉

Start with 2,000 FREE messages

Pay as You Go

Communicate only as much as you need and only pay for what you use.


per month

No messages included

$0.06 per message


When you need to communicate with your crew consistently, or a small crew more often.


per month

2,500 messages included

$0.05 per message after monthly included messages


When you need to communicate with your group consistently, or a medium group, more often.


per month

6,000 messages included

$0.045 per message after monthly included messages


When you need to communicate often or with a large crowd, or both!


per month

15,000 messages included

$0.04 per message after monthly included messages

Need more power?

If you need to send more messages per month than our standard plans offer, we’ll make a custom plan for you.

Get started with Wisyl for free

Our free plan includes all features and channels except for SMS and WhatsApp and has a limit of 10,000 messages per month.

Some things to know ...

What is a message?

A message is one send to one person. For example is you send a message to 2000 people one time, that equals 2000 messages.

What if recipients have signed up for more than one communication channel?

It still counts as a "message." So, for example, if you send a message to 100 recipients and each of them has signed up to get information on both email and Telegram, that would still be only 100 messages.

What if a recipient responds to a message that an organization sends?

All replies or inbound message from you recipients do not count towards your message total, or in other words, they are free.

What if you send a direct message to one recipient?

This would count as 1 message.

How do overages work?

We'll alert you once you are at your monthly quota, then you'll be charged for each message over until your billing cycle starts again.