You never want to be the one who everyone is going to bust jokes on. The only way to prevent that is to be good at something.

Marshawn Lynch was one of the best. Don’t @ me.

I’ve got this picture taped to the wall in my office. When things get in the way I look up at it and think, “get off me, I’m taking this to the house!”

If you take a minute to listen to the man talk you’ll find he’s full of wisdom. This particular quote is about more than being the butt of a joke. It’s about being ready and doing the work to be good at something. As we bring on more beta customers we know we need to be ready. Not perfect, but so good that people see the value and potential.

When we started building Wisyl we set the objective to create the product that people expect. Yeah, that sounds a little underwhelming, but it’s one of the most important objectives we have. And it’s really hard. The way we think about it is, when someone is using our product and they expect to be able to do something, they can.

We aren’t there yet but our latest updates are steps in the right direction.

Recipient Tagging

The day we brought on our first beta customer we knew we needed to have a way to segment the recipient list. It’s something you’d expect from a communication tool, right? Now we have it.


  • Easily tag your recipient list in any way you want
  • Bulk tagging or individual tagging
  • Send messages based on single or multiple tags
  • Sort by tag

Invitation Management

At Wisyl we’re all about getting your message read. We do it by sending your message to the place your recipient wants it. One of the unique things about Wisyl is the way we figure out where that is: We ask.

Sounds simple, right? The concept is simple, the execution and follow-through are more complicated.

  • Editable invitation email so you can personalize the invitation to your recipients.
  • Basic invitation tracking. Know who has chosen their preferred communication channel and who hasn’t.
  • Invitation reminders to let you easily send a reminder to the people that haven’t chosen their preferred channels.
  • Improved recipient flow to make it as easy as possible for recipients to choose their preferred channel(s).

The team has been working hard over the past few months to create a solid base that we can expand our beta program on. Speaking of beta customers, we are so grateful for the early customers that have come on board to use Wisyl. We learn something every time they log in and send a message. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in taking B2B click-through rates from single digits to double digits please let us know and share this link with them.

Building an application that has the features and functionality that people expect is not an easy task. But that’s the base we’re building Wisyl on to give us “Beast Mode” type balance and agility. It’ll pay off in the end.

If the video won’t play for you, click through, it’s worth seeing again. As long as you’re not a Saints fan. 😉

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