Use ‘One Thing’ to get your subscribers to pay attention

It’s hard to get your subscribers to pay attention. It’s not that they don’t want or need your information. They did sign up to hear from you, after all! Sometimes they’re even upset when they don’t get your news. Often the person you are trying to reach is the manager, owner, marketing person, or all three! They are busy, and only a little of the information they need gets through to them on any given day. 

We built Wisyl on the idea that if you send a message to where your subscriber wants it when they want it, they will open more of your messages. Once they open your message, it’s up to the content you provide to get the desired engagement. So, while we can’t write your content for you, we do what we can to present your content in a way that maximizes engagement.

In my last job, I spent hours creating beautifully themed emails with five stories full of information that my group of independent retailers needed to be successful. I got ALL the news out. Nobody could complain that I wasn’t getting them the information they needed. But really, I was covering my ass. I was making sure that if someone complained about not getting their info, I could point to the email and say, “I sent you an email.” 

Through trial, error, and accident, I learned that if I wanted people to not just read something, but DO something or KNOW something, I got the best results when I focused on one thing.

  • One subject
  • One image
  • One ask
  • One link

When I sent a message focusing on just one thing, the click-through jumped double digits. In some cases, I saw jumps from around 20% CTR to over 70%. So even if what I was pushing wasn’t any fun, I was more than doubling my click-through rate.

We built the ‘One Thing’ message creator to optimize the practice of creating and sending an action-based message to get the best possible results, no matter what type of subscriber you have. We know that sending a message where a person wants it increases open rates. Couple that with a double-digit increase in CTR, and you’ve got the type of engagement you need to grow your business more effectively than ever.

Sometimes you have more to say, and we get it. When that’s the case, you can always use our ‘Many things’ newsletter editor. Learn more about how Wisyl sends newsletter content to exactly where your subscribers want it here.

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