Get Every Message Read

Our goal at Wisyl is to get every one of your messages read. Whether you’re a little league coach making sure parents know what field the game is on, or a huge company reminding your employees why it’s important to wear a mask, the message is important because the human receiving it is important! 

It Starts With Respect

We believe in respectful communication between humans. Using Wisyl to send your messages will provide you and your customers with opportunities that are missed with other forms of communication.


Forcing people to use communication tools they don’t want to use isn’t nice. Making them try to find information on a crowded B2B platform is just mean. Using Wisyl shows that you respect people’s time, habits, and preferences. Respect builds relationships, and relationships are the backbone of opportunity.


We know that you have hundreds of options for communicating with people. Communicating in all of the ways your humans prefer by using individual tools would cost you $ and more time than you could afford. Wisyl is strategically priced so that you won’t even have to pass it by your finance department!



A message that shows up where and when a human wants it has a way better chance of generating action and engagement. Open rates up. Click rates up. Opportunity up! Wisyl is about more than just getting a message to people. Wisyl is about helping you inspire action through better communication.

Communicate Effectively Have Conversations Reach More People

Human to human communications should not be complicated.

You’ll be creating opportunity through improved communication in no time!